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CHARTREUSE Light by Josephine - Porcelain Paint

CHARTREUSE Light by Josephine - Porcelain Paint
Item# JC29

Product Description

CHARTREUSE Light - Porcelain Paint by JOSEPHINE in our NEW, extra large 2 Dram VIAL

CHARTREUSE Light is just slightly different from the previous Josephine Chartreuse. This CHARTREUSE paints smooth and covers well in a Light - medium, true, yellow green that is a basic for all palettes.

The NEW colors will not fire to the dry paint color, but will be MUCH BRIGHTER. Please test fire all colors and keep that at hand. I love to use CHARTREUSE Light for the light or highlight colors on leaves, scenes, and even specialty feathers I like to paint. It has such life!

For a darker, brighter Chartreuse, please see Chartreuse Bright by Josephine.

CHARTREUSE likes a hot fire: Cone .014 - .017, 870C, 1596F - 784C, 1443F. Choose your size in the drop down box: Vial, OZ, 1/2 LB, LB. The pricing is + the base price of $4.95 Vial. Lead Free