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JC23 BURNT UMBER by Josephine - Porcelain Paint

JC23 BURNT UMBER by Josephine - Porcelain Paint
Item# JC23

Product Description

BURNT UMBER by Josephine in our NEW, extra large 2 Dram VIAL.

Burnt Umber, is now a new color - just slightly changed - from the previous Josephine Burnt Umber. A rich, deep brown with a reddish, smoky hint, BURNT UMBER is a perfect color for portraits, scenes, and even Pen & Ink.

I like to use BURNT UMBER for that deepest, bright brown that I need for my birds and feathers. I also like to use it to sign my name and to do those fine leaf details such as worm holes, etc.

The new colors will not fire to the dry paint color in the vials - they will be MUCH BRIGHTER. Please test fire all colors and keep that on hand.

Fire Cones .014 - .017; 870C, 1596F - 784C, 1443F. This BURNT UMBER likes a hot fire. Choose sizes in Drop Down Box: Vial, OZ, 1/2 LB, LB (pricing is + the base price of $4.95 Vial) Lead Free