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JC Dresden Red and Yellow: HOT FIRE Porcelain Paints

JC Dresden Red and Yellow: HOT FIRE Porcelain Paints
Item# JCDR

Product Description

NEW Colors from JOSEPHINE! Dresden Red and Dresden Yellow - our HOT FIRE Red and Yellow. The picture shows the Yellow in 3 fires; the Yellow and Red grounded next to each other in ONE fire; and the Red in 3 fires.

We are so excited about these new colors coming in. First of all, we finally found a bright yellow and a bright red which will fire hot: Cone .014, 870C, 1596F and not burn out. They also can be painted right next to each other and THEY WILL NOT FIRE OUT or take away from the other color!

That is why we named them "DRESDEN" colors, as we need strong colors to paint in one fire. These are your colors! And as with most of the new colors coming in, they will not look as bright as the color they will fire, while in the dry, vial form. So please test fire all the colors and keep the samples close by.

Now in our larger, 2 DRAM Vial - the largest you will find!