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Acrylic Display Stands
Beatrice Mazerolle Jewelry Shapes
BKAR1 DRESDEN Style Painting with Ardis Reihs
BKDi1 Porcelain Painting - HOMMAGE by Di Curtin
BKFloral Floral Botanical Paintings by James Andrews
BKKS1 Porcelain Painting - The Colour Flow by Keiko Shimizu
BKLH1 Pen Magic by Lars Hannemann
BKMCF1 Porcelain Jewelry #1 by Marie Claire Frass
BKMCF2 Porcelain Jewelry Book 2 by Marie Claire Frass
BKMCF3 Porcelain Jewelry Book 3 by Marie Claire Frass
BKMCF4 Porcelain Jewelry Book 4 by Marie Claire Frass
BKMCF5 Creations on Porcelain Book 5 by Marie Claire Frass
BKMCF6 Creations for Porcelain, "Design & Colors"
BKMF3 Porcelain Painting - EXOTICA by Melanie Foster
BKMF4 Flower Fantasy by Melanie Foster
BKPA1 Art on Porcelain by Patrizia Arvieri
BKPFHA1 Porcelain Painting - PANTA RHEI "Everything Flows" by Peter Faust & Harun Aschrafi
BKPJK2 Harmony of Porcelain by Petra and Jorg Kugelmeier (temporarily out of stock)
BKSK1 Porcelain Painting - A Touch of Lace by Shuko Kishida
BKSPL1 Dreamscapes: Angel, Faery & Mermaid Worlds by S P Law
Books - Studies
Catalog #8
Catalog - Out of Cont. US
CHARTREUSE Light by Josephine - Porcelain Paint
CHICKADEES (M & F) in Aspen Tree
China - Porcelain
D35A - 39 Acrylic Plate Stands - Clear, Sturdy
D38Z & 39Z Lighted Plate Stands - Clear Acrylic
D71 Acrylic Egg Stand, Clear, Sturdy
DGE Larger Easels- so Sturdy; Clear Acrylic Display Stands in Two Sizes
DLH4 Acrylic Slotted Block Holders for Porcelain Canvas Tiles
DRTW Acrylic Revolving Stands - Display Stand or Painting Tool
Eastern Bluebird (Female) with Fall Apple Leaves
Eastern Bluebird (Male) with Fall Apple Leaves
European Painting Supplies
FA01 Limoges Heart Locket with Hinge (1 Left!)
FA369 Limoges Imperial Serving Tray - Oval with Handles
Gallery - Hand Painted & Decorated Items for SALE
GBTG Bright Gold (NOW from ITALY) - One Coat Coverage -20 KARAT GOLD
GC Gift Certificates
GC3545 Satin Roman Burnish Gold - 35% and 45% Liquid Burnish Gold - One Coat Gold (In Stock or Custom Order)
Gift Certificate from The Good Stuff
GL01 Etching Creme - Etch All for Glass and Porcelain
Glass Paints and Supplies
GLBGo Glass Liquid Bright Gold - Sample Glass
GLBN N Liquid Bright Gold (2 Sizes) - German Gold (Hanovia formula) 23 Karats
GLBORG Glass Liquid Bright Gold - Borosilicate Gold (2 sizes)
GLJ1 Glass Crystals for Glass and Porcelain by JOSEPHINE
GLJ2 Glass Crystal Glue by JOSEPHINE - For Glass and Porcelain
GLJ7 Stained Glass Relief Kit by Josephine for Glass Painting
GLJ7Med Stained Glass Relief Medium for Glass by Josephine
GLJ7Vial Stained Glass Relief Powder by Josephine
GRU Reusche's ROMAN BURNISH Gold (Fluxed): 1/8 oz Jar
GSIL Silver Bright Platinum - German (2 sizes)
GSMG Silky Matt Gold - German Self Burnishing Liquid Burnish Gold - One Coat Coverage, 20 Karat - Two Sizes
Hand Painted German Footed Bowl by Baerbel O'Connor
JBB3 Josephine Berry Brush #3
JBBColors JOSEPHINE Basic Brights Rich German Colors: Individual Vials, or as a Set of 14 Porcelain Art Colors
JBFILSet JOSEPHINE FILBERT Brush Set of 5 - Synthetic Sable
JBM PUZZLE: Porcelain Clay Pendants by Beatrice Mazerolle
JBM MOON: Custom Pendants by Beatrice Mazerolle, France
JC Dresden Red and Yellow: HOT FIRE Porcelain Paints
JC Josephine Rich Brown NEW COLOR
JC11 JOSEPHINE Outlining Black - Porcelain Paint
JC115 Josephine Dark Green - NEW COLOR
JC23 BURNT UMBER by Josephine - Porcelain Paint
JC64 Magnolia Powder GLAZE by Josephine for Overglaze Painting
JCGR Josephine Grounding Colors - Set of 8 Rich, Deep Colors
JCL1 Josephine Cut Liner #1 - Small
JCL4 Josephine Cut Liner #4 - Medium
JCL6 Josephine Cut Liner #6 - Large
JClSet Josephine Cut Liner - Banding Brush Set of 3
JCPinkGl - Pink Glaze by Josephine
JCSet Josephine Beginners Set of 15 Porcelain Colors
JCT1 Josephine Cats Tongue Brush #1
JCT2 Josephine Cats Tongue #2
JCT3 Josephine Cats Tongue #3
JCTS Josephine Cats Tongue Set of 3
JDL Josephine Special Detail Liner #0
JDM3 Josephine Dusting Mop #3
JDM6 Josephine Dusting Mop #6
JDMSet Josephine Dusting Mop Set of 2
JEN Enamel White Powder for Overglaze Painting
JES2 Josephine English Square Shader #2
JES4 Josephine English Square Shader #4
JESSet Josephine English Square Shader Set of 2
JFB2 Josephine Forget-Me-Not #2
JG1 Josephine Glass Paint - Rich Painting Colors for GLASS with Glass Firing Instructions
JG11 Josephine Glass Flux - Soft Flux
JGEtchL Josephine Glass Etched Look Dry Powder Paint
JGF3 FROSTED LOOK for Glass by Josephine: Pink & White
JGM Glass Metallic Paints by Josephine
JGMSet Josephine Glass Metallics - Set of 6
JGOBD Gold Brush: Banding Brush by Josephine
JGOP1 Gold Brush: Pointer #1 by Josephine
JGOPO Gold Brush: Pointer #0 by Josephine
JGOSC Josephine Gold Brush - Scroller
JGOSet Josephine Gold Brushes - Buy each Brush or Set of 5
JGOSS Josephine Gold Brush - Square Shader
JGP Pearl Glass Paints by Josephine
JGPLSet Pearl Glass Paints by Josephine - Set of 6 Colors
JGS Silk Glass Paints by Josephine
JGSet Beginners Glass Paint Set of 12 Colors by JOSEPHINE
JGSlkSet Silk Glass Paints by Josephine - Set of 8 Opaque Glass Colors
JGTRSet Transparent Glass Paints by Josephine - Individual Colors OR Set of 10 Colors
JMAG Josephine Magic Scroller
JMatt Josephine White Matt - China Paint
JMS 1/2 Josephine Square Shader Metal Ferrule 1/2 Inch
JMS 1/4 Josephine JMS Square Shader Metal Ferrule 1/4"
JMS 1/8 Josephine Square Shader Metal Ferrule 1/8"
JMS 3/4 Josephine Square Shader Metal Ferrule 3/4"
JMS 3/8 Josephine Square Shader 3/8"
JMS Josephine Mini-Scroller, 6/0 Fine, Long
JMS SET Josephine Square Shaders Set of 5
JMTBLK Josephine Matt Black Porcelain Paint
JMU Matt Underlay - for Gold
JOM Josephine English Old Masters I
JOM2 Josephine English Old Masters II
JOMSet JOSEPHINE Old Masters Set of 10 - Pastel Colors for Porcelain
Josephine Brushes
Josephine Chartreuse Bright NEW COLOR
Josephine Magic Metallics for Porcelain Painting
JOSEPHINE Magic Metallics Set of Porcelain Colors
JOSEPHINE Oveglaze Paints - Grey to Black Colors
JOSEPHINE Overglaze Colors - Orange to Pompadour.
JOSEPHINE Overglaze Paints - Blue Colors
JOSEPHINE Overglaze Paints - Blue Green Colors
JOSEPHINE Overglaze Paints - Brown
JOSEPHINE Overglaze Paints - Green Colors
JOSEPHINE Overglaze Paints - Pinks
JOSEPHINE Overglaze Paints - Reds
JOSEPHINE Overglaze Paints - Violet to Purple
JOSEPHINE Overglaze Paints - Yellow Brown Colors
Josephine Portrait White Overglaze Powder Paint
JOSEPHINE Synthetic Sable Brushes - SET of 11 Brushes
JOSEPHINE Trenton Ivory - Yellow Overglaze Colors
JOSIV Josephine IVORY Overglaze Powder Paint
JOSWhite Josephine WHITE & FLUX Overglaze Powder Paint
JPOW Josephine Opaque White Overglaze Powder Paint
JPPS JOSEPHINE Portrait Set of 18 Colors for Mariela
JPS JOSEPHINE German Pointed Shader Brushes for Dresden, Meissen, Petal Strokes - Buy each Brush, or Set of 7
JPS1 JOSEPHINE German Pointed Shader #1 - Dresden & Meissen Brush
JPS2 JOSEPHINE German Pointed Shader #2 - Dresden & Meissen Brush
JPS3 JOSEPHINE German Pointed Shader #3 - Dresden & Meissen Brush
JPS4 JOSEPHINE German Pointed Shader #4 - Dresden & Meissen Brush
JPS6 Josephine German Pointed Shader #6 - Dresden & Meissen Brush
JPSL Josephine German Quill Liner (fine) #0 - Dresden & Meissen Brush
JPT Josephine Classic Portrait Colors - Individually or as a SET of 18
JQ0 Quill Square Shader #0 by Josephine
JQ1 Josephine Quill Square Shader #1
JQ10 Josephine Quill Square Shader #10
JQ12 Josephine Quill Square Shader #12
JQ2 Josephine Quill Square Shader #2
JQ20 Josephine Quill Square Shader #20
JQ3 Josephine Quill Square Shader #3
JQ4 Josephine Quill Square Shader #4
JQ5 Josephine Quill Square Shader #5
JQ6 Josephine Quill Square Shader #6
JQ7 Josephine Quill Square Shader #7
JQ8 Josephine Quill Square Shader #8
JQ9 Josephine Quill Square Shader #9
JQL0 Josephine Quill Liner #0
JQSET Josephine Quill Square Shaders Set of 13 - "THE BEST"
JR1 Renaissance Old Time Colors by JOSEPHINE
JRAK Rake Brush by Josephine - Synthetic Sable Hair
JRim Josephine Rim Brush
JRP2 Josephine Round Pointer #2
JS00 Josephine Scroller #00, long, flexible
JSC1 Josephine Scroller #1, "the standard"
JSC4 Josephine Scroller #4 - Large
JSCSet Josephine Scroller Set of 3
JSP Josephine Short Pointer, 6/0 Short
JSPB Josephine Sponge Brush
JST10 Josephine Stippler #10
JST2 Josephine Stippler #2
JST6 Josephine Stippler #6
JSTSet Josephine Stippler Set of 3
JSYF10 Josephine Filbert Brush #10 - Synthetic Sable
JSYF2 Josephine Filbert Brush #2 - Synthetic Sable
JSYF4 Josephine Filbert Brush #4 - Synthetic Sable
JSYF6 Josephine Filbert Brush #6 - Synthetic Sable
JSYF8 Josephine Filbert Brush #8 - Synthetic Sable
JSYP1 Josephine Round Pointer #1 - Synthetic Sable
JSYP2 Josephine Round Pointer #2 - Synthetic Sable
JSYP3 Josephine Round Pointers 0 -6 and Set of 7 Synthetic Sable
JSYPtSet JOSEPHINE Synthetic Sable Pointed Shader SET of 7
JSYS12 JOSEPHINE Synthetic Sable Square Shader #12
JSYS6 JOSEPHINE Synthetic Sable Square Shader #6
JT0 Josephine Square Shader #0 - Metal Ferrule
JT1 Josephine Square Shader #1 - Metal Ferrule
JT12 Josephine Square Shader #12 - Metal Ferrule
JT14 - Josephine Square Shader #14 - Metal Ferrule
JT18 Josephine Square Shader #18 - Metal Ferrule
JT22 Josephine Square Shader #22 - Metal Ferrule
JT4 Josephine Square Shader #4 - Metal Ferrule
JT6 Josephine Square Shader #6 - Metal Ferrule
JT6W Josephine Square Shader Brush with Jelly Wipe Out
JT7 Josephine Square Shader #7 - Metal Ferrule
JT8 Josephine Square Shader #8 - Metal Ferrule
JTSET Josephine Porcelain Painting Square Shaders: Set of 10 Metal Ferrule Brushes
JTX Texture Paste - Base for Gold
KPBBS Kathy's Bird Brush Set - Josephine Brushes
LH2 Carmine Luster - German for Porcelain & Glass
Limoges Box - Hand Painted by Gigi Branch, England
LR1 Luster for Glass and Porcelain - Transparent Washes of Color
MAZ0199 FLAMME: Porcelain Jewelry by Beatrice Mazerole
MAZ111 CURVED HEART, Jewelry Piece by Beatrice Mazerolle
MAZ143 FLOWER, Jewelry Shape by Beatrice Mazerolle
MAZ146 LIPS, Jewelry Piece by Beatrice Mazerolle
MAZ155 BUTTERFLY, Jewelry Piece by Beatrice Mazerolle
MAZ18 Puzzle Piece, Jewelry Shape by Beatrice Mazerolle
MAZ194 TEARDROP, Jewelry Piece by Beatrice Mazerolle
MAZ46 CRESCENT MOON, Jewelry Shape by Beatrice Mazerolle
MAZ57 CAT, Jewelry Shape by Beatrice Mazerolle
MAZ68 SPLASH, Jewelry Shape by Beatrice Mazerolle
MAZ69 SPIRAL, Jewelry Shape by Beatrice Mazerolle
MAZ79 GEOMETRIC, Jewelry Shape by Beatrice Mazerolle
MPPT1 Hand Painted IMARI Plate by Meena Patel
MPPT2 Hand Painted RAISED PASTE, Gold and Silver Plate by Meena Patel
MPPT3 Hand Painted Oriental Lady Dancing by Meena Patel
Northern Cardinals (male and female) with Multiflora Rosehips
OC1 Gold Facilitator Ortho for Satin Burnish Gold
OH1 Essence - Josephine Thinner, German- Glass & Porcelain Liquid Bright Gold and Lusters
Oils - Medium
OJ1 Josephine Seminar Medium - "NOW VM 154"
OJ1-4 Josephine VM 154 - Seminar Medium, 4 oz or Pint
OJ10 Lavender Oil, Pure...a JOSEPHINE product
OJ11 German Anise Oil by Josephine
OJ12 Liquid Flux - a JOSEPHINE product
OJ12-PT Liquid Flux - Pint...a JOSEPHINE product
OJ14 Pine Oil by Josephine
OJ16 Pen Medium by Josephine for Porcelain & Glass
OJ2 Water Medium ...a JOSEPHINE product (fast drying and slow drying)
OJ3 Pollyanna Painting and Enamel Medium - a Josephine Product
OJ4 Grounding Oil for Porcelain & Glass...a Josephine product
OJ5 Red Resist - German...a JOSEPHINE product
OJ8 Clove Oil Pure, German...a JOSEPHINE product
OK1 Kathy's Always Open Medium
OK1-4 Kathy's Always Open Medium 4 oz
Opal Metallic Paints by JOSEPHINE
OR3 Elarco Gold Facilitator - Reusche
OW1 Clove Oil - Pure...a Willoughby's product
OW10 Pen Oil...a Willoughby's product
OW2 Enamel Medium...a Willoughby's product
OW3 French Fat Oil...a Willoughby's product
OW4 Balsam of Copaiba Thin...a Willoughby's product
OW5 Balsam of Copaiba Thick...a Willoughby's product
OW6 Lavender Oil
OW6 Willoughby's Pure Lavender Oil
OW7 Lavender Oil - Imitation...a Willoughby's product
Paints - Porcelain
PAL1 Palette, Small
PAL2 Palette, Medium
PC5 Porcelain Canvas Square 4.5"
PC7 Porcelain Canvas Tile 5 x 7"
PLSup TeachinArt Supply Set with Paul Lewing
Porcelain Canvas
Porcelain Canvas Tile 2 x 2"
Porcelain Canvas Tile 2 x 2.5"
Porcelain Canvas Tile 4.5" Round
Porcelain Canvas: Palette Tile - Custom Shape
Red-Winged Blackbird with Cattails
RMP1 Special Enamel Colors by Rosa Maria Plancarte
Rufous Hummingbirds (M&F) with Blue Morning Glories
S3MTape 3M Blue Vinyl Tape 471
SC2 Palette Knife - Flexible by Josephine
SC3 Glass Stir Rods
SCF2 Pro Art TRACE paper pad, 25#
SCF3 Graphite Paper Sheets - Non Waxy
SF1 Burnish Pen, small, flat surface for Roman Gold
SF10 Agate Etcher - German
SF12 German Multi Brush & Tool Set - Travel SET
SF13 German Gold Metal Pen Holder
SF14 Pen Nib - - German FINE
SF16 German Fine Texture Sponge, Flat
SF17 Gold Eraser 2" German
SF2 Burnish Pen Refill 1 1.5" from Germany
SF3 Burnishing Tool, fiberglass cylinder, German
SF4 Palette Knife - Slanted from Germany
SF5 Funnel Pen for Gold and Pen Work - Fine Point
SF5 Gold Funnel Pen - German Fine Tip
SF7 Stabilo Pencils from Germany
SF9 Stabilo Pen - Black
SG3 Pen Nib - - German Extra Fine
SGX1 Acetate Tablet- 25 Sheets
SJ1-3 Wipe-Out Tools by Josephine
SJ5 Chipping Off Powder by Josephine
SN1 Sander Sponge
SN2 527 MULTI-USE GLUE: Clear, Fast-Dry
SO1 Acrylic Design Tape for Glass and Porcelain Designs
SO10 Craft Lathe, a hand operated craft lathe
SO12 Stylist Set of 3 - extra-fine, fine & large ball ends
SO2 Sharpie Marker - Fires Out! Fine and Ultra Fine
SO7 Oil Well, Covered, Glazed Ceramic
SOR1 Orton Cones, Jr. - Pyramid Shape, Small Pyrometric Cones
SR1 Burnish Sand
SSE3 Plastic Storage Jars, CLEAR - Set of 12 with CASE
SSR1 Saral Transfer Paper - Wax Free Graphite Paper in 3 Colors
STKP12 Roses Watercolor Style on Porcelain Canvas by Kathy Peterson
STW1 Stacking Oil Wells, Porcelain, from Germany (temporarily out of stock)
STW5 Cylinder Sponge, German (temporarily out of stock)
Supplies - General
SW02 Porcelain Well Palette - German Small (temporarily out of stock)
SW10 Pen Nib - - English Extra Fine (our finest!)
SW11 Pen Holder - Aluminum for Crow Quill Pen Nibs (temporarily out of stock)
SW12 Wipe-Out Tool
SW2 Silk Squares, 9 x 9: square, Pure Silk, fine texture
SW9 Pen Nib - - Fine #102 (a medium, fine point)
SWO3 Porcelain Well Palette - German, Large (currently out of stock)
TeachinArt with Paul Lewing
Toucan Plate - Hand Painted by Peter Faust, Switzerland
Turpentine Oil, Rectified
WC01 Willoughby's China Paints
Western Meadowlark (Male) with Nodding Thistle
Willoughby's Matt Porcelain Paints - Now on SALE!