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GLBN N Liquid Bright Gold (2 Sizes) - German Gold (Hanovia formula) 23 Karats

GLBN N Liquid Bright Gold (2 Sizes) - German Gold (Hanovia formula) 23 Karats
Item# GLBN

Product Description

The Hanovia "formula" of Liquid Bright "N" Gold is now being made again - but now with the GERMAN expertise of gold making!

"N" Liquid Bright Gold is the brightest of golds, in the liquid form and is considered a Luster. You can brush it on or use it in a pen nib; for rims, use our JOSEPHINE RIM Brush, JRIM. For brush work, the JOSEPHINE Gold Brush Set is great! THINNER: OH1 ESSENCE FOR LB Gold and Lusters. Use a clean, separate brush for all different golds. Store in cool location with lid tight.

Packaged in 2 sizes: see the drop down box for size and price. Do NOT stir or shake Liquid Bright Gold. N Liquid Bright Gold is similar to a Luster and you must allow all impurities to settle before using. The price for the 8 gram size is plus (+) the 2 gram size = $130.00 for the 8 gram bottle.

"N" Liquid Bright Gold has 10% Gold, 23 Karats, and is one of the highest gold content, luster Liquid Bright Golds. Even, thin coats are best. For full coverage, 2 coats may be needed with firing inbetween.

Tips & Techniques: **Use new brush for each type of gold. **Do not shake N Liquid Bright Gold or any Lusters **Dip your clean brush into the top of the gold bottle - just enough to fill the end of your brush. **Set you brush tip on the porcelain and slowly pull the brush towards you. Let the gold flow off the end of the brush. **Do NOT brush over the gold again - let it flow together naturally. **Let dry in a dust free environment **Fire to a Cone .018. Let cool overnight. Enjoy opening your kiln!

No returns on any of our gold products. Fire to Cone .018, 752C, 1386F. Comes out of kiln bright - no burnishing needed.

NOTE: 1 Gram = 1 ML 8 grams = .282 oz (a little more than 1/4 oz.)