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GLBORG Glass Liquid Bright Gold - Borosilicate Gold (2 sizes)
LR1 Luster for Glass and Porcelain - Transparent Washes of Color
GLBGo Glass Liquid Bright Gold - Sample Glass
JG1 Josephine Glass Paint - Rich Painting Colors for GLASS with Glass Firing Instructions
JGF3 Pink Satin Frosting for Glass by Josephine
GL01 Etching Creme -  Etch All for Glass and Porcelain
GLJ1 Glass Crystals for Glass and Porcelain by JOSEPHINE
GLJ2 Glass Crystal Glue by JOSEPHINE - For Glass and Porcelain
GLJ7 Stained Glass Relief Kit by Josephine for Glass Painting
GLJ7Med   Stained Glass Relief Medium for Glass by Josephine
GLJ7Vial Stained Glass Relief Powder by Josephine
JGSet Beginners Glass Paint Set of 12 Colors by JOSEPHINE
JGM Glass Metallic Paints by Josephine
JGMSet Josephine Glass Metallics - Set of 6
JGP Pearl Glass Paints by Josephine
JGPLSet  Pearl Glass Paints by Josephine - Set of 6 Colors
JGS Silk Glass Paints by Josephine
JGSlkSet  Silk Glass Paints by Josephine - Set of 8 Opaque Glass Colors
JGTRSet Transparent Glass Paints by Josephine - Individual Colors OR Set of 10 Colors
JG11 Josephine Glass Flux - Soft Flux
SO1 Acrylic Design Tape for Glass and Porcelain Designs
OJ4 Grounding Oil for Porcelain & Glass...a Josephine product
OJ5 Red Resist - German...a JOSEPHINE product
OJ1 Josephine Seminar Medium - "NOW VM 154"
OJ1-4 Josephine VM 154 - Seminar Medium, 4 oz or Pint
OJ3 Pollyanna Painting and Enamel Medium - a Josephine Product
JDM6 Josephine Dusting Mop #6
JDM3 Josephine Dusting Mop #3
JSPB Josephine Sponge Brush
SW2 Silk Squares, 9 x 9: square, Pure Silk, fine texture
JGEtchL Josephine Glass Etched Look Dry Powder Paint
OK1 Kathy's Always Open Medium
OK1-4 Kathy's Always Open Medium  4 oz