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GSIL Silver Bright Platinum - German (2 sizes)

GSIL Silver Bright Platinum - German (2 sizes)
Item# GSIL

Product Description

Silver Bright Platinum from Germany. Imported for the glass and porcelain artist.

The Silver Bright Platinum is a Liquid Silver which will not tarnish. It is best to fire thin, even coats for a smooth silver appearance. It is good for rims and raised decorations a well. As with all golds and silver, we recommend you use a separate brush for each type of decorative product. The JOSEPHINE GOLD Brushes are perfect for the Silver Platinum - JGOS Gold Brush Set. They have their own casing. Leave the silver in the brush and insert it back into the casing to keep it dust free and non-drying (some climates may need a drop of Gold Essence in the casing to keep it moist).

Firing: let dry before firing. Fire at Cone .018; 1386 F, 752C for porcelain and a "hot" Cone .022 for glass. Allow adequate ventilation during the firing of all golds. Do NOT stir the Silver; use off the top of the bottle. Let the silver flow off the end of your brush and it will flow together on your piece.

Pricing: $35.00 per 2 Grams; $135 per 8 Grams; No discounts on Silver. No returns on any gold or silver. No free shipping on Silver or Gold.

NOTE: 1 Gram = 1 ML 8 grams = .282 oz (a little more than 1/4 oz.)