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GBTG German Bright Gold - One Coat Coverage -20 KARAT GOLD, 2 gram, 8 gram

GBTG German Bright Gold -  One Coat Coverage -20 KARAT GOLD, 2 gram, 8 gram
Item# GBTG

Product Description

GERMAN BRIGHT GOLD - 24% 20 Karat Gold - a true Gold, Liquid form

The GERMAN Bright Gold is a ONE COAT gold. It covers completely in one coat if the following directions are followed. It will fire a bright, but warm gold with a slight reddish tint which gives it much depth and is not a brassy color. You can apply this gold over white or painted china.

PURE GOLD is 23.99 Karats; our German Bright Gold is a 20 KARAT Gold which is why it covers so well.

1. STIR the gold each time with a glass stir rod, cleaned with alcohol and dried thoroughly with a lint free cloth. Shaking alone will not distribute the thinner evenly into this wonderful, thick German gold. 2. Use a fine quality brush just for this gold - it must be new to start. Make sure it is dust and dirt free. We recommend the JOSEPHINE Gold Brush Set, JGOS, Set of 5 Gold Brushes. Keep one set for each type of gold you use. You never have to clean the gold out of the brushes, which saves on gold. 3. Dip the brush into the bottle only deep enough to get gold to cover the tip of the brush. Wipe any excess gold off on the inside of the gold jar. Keep the lid on the jar as much as possible. 4. Let the gold flow off the tip of the brush. Overlap long strokes so there are no misses. The gold should flow together for a complete coverage. Do not apply heavy or go over after it has started to dry. 5. Let dry in a dust and dirt free storage place. 6. Fire to Cone .016 - .018, 825C, 1517 F - 752C, 1386F Each kiln fires differently - test fire all golds before applying on special pieces. Allow good ventilation in the workplace and in the kiln. 7. To thin for pen work, use OH1 Essence and thin on a clean tile. NEVER add Essence to the Gold Bottle

Please note that the 2 gram Bottle of the German Gold Bright is the base price of $44.95; the 8 gram price is "plus +" $115.05 added to the Base Price to total $160.00 at check out.

NO returns on Gold.

NOTE: 1 Gram = 1 ML 8 grams = .282 oz (a little more than 1/4 oz.)