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European Painting Supplies

BKAR1 DRESDEN Style Painting with Ardis Reihs
BKPFHA1 Porcelain Painting - PANTA RHEI "Everything Flows" by Peter Faust & Harun Aschrafi   NOW ON SALE!
Regular price: $48.95
Sale price: $39.95
BKPA1 Art on Porcelain by Patrizia Arvieri
JBBColors JOSEPHINE Basic Brights Rich German Colors:  Individual Vials, or as a Set of 14 Porcelain Art Colors
JTX Texture Paste - Base for Gold
SF12 German Multi Brush & Tool Set - Travel SET
JMU Matt Underlay - for Gold
STW1 Stacking Oil Wells, Porcelain,  from Germany (temporarily out of stock)
SW02 Porcelain Well Palette - German Small (temporarily out of stock)
SWO3 Porcelain Well Palette - German, Large (currently out of stock)
JRim Josephine Rim Brush
SJ5 Chipping Off Powder by Josephine
SF5 Funnel Pen for Gold and Pen Work - Fine Point
SF10 Agate Etcher - German
JPS JOSEPHINE German Pointed Shader Brushes for Dresden, Meissen, Petal Strokes - Buy each Brush,  or Set of 7
JClSet Josephine Cut Liner - Banding Brush Set of 3
JCTS Josephine Cats Tongue Set of 3
OW4 Balsam of Copaiba Thin...a Willoughby's product
OJ2 Water Medium ...a JOSEPHINE product (fast drying and slow drying)
OJ14 Pine Oil by Josephine
OJ8 Clove Oil Pure, German...a JOSEPHINE product
OJ5 Red Resist - German...a JOSEPHINE product
OW3 French Fat Oil...a Willoughby's product
OJ10 Lavender Oil, Pure...a JOSEPHINE product
OJ16 Pen Medium by Josephine for Porcelain & Glass
SF16 German Fine Texture Sponge, Flat
STW5 Cylinder Sponge, German (temporarily out of stock)
SW2 Silk Squares, 9 x 9: square, Pure Silk, fine texture
SF7 Stabilo Pencils from Germany
SJ1-3 Wipe-Out Tools by  Josephine