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JOM Josephine English Old Masters I

JOM Josephine English Old Masters I
Item# JOM1

Product Description

JOSEPHINE ENGLISH OLD MASTERS I COLORS: we separate the colors out per price to make it easier for you to order ON LINE.

The English Old Masters are our pastel colors for porcelain. They are beautiful, soft but very rich in tone and hue - painting on smooth and easy.

They are also the colors specially mixed to recreate the ROYAL WORCESTER FRUIT on bone or soft glaze china. Please see the English Old Masters Set of 10 Colors for instructions to paint this beautiful fruit.

Choose from the drop down box which color(s) you would like, along with the quantity: English Black, English Brown, English Green, English Lt Blue, English Yellow, English White. All packaged in our large 2 dram, plastic vial with screw on lids to make them easy to open, and no spilling.