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D35A - 39 Acrylic Plate Stands - Clear, Sturdy

D35A - 39 Acrylic Plate Stands - Clear, Sturdy
Item# D35

Product Description

Acrylic Plate Stands : clear, sturdy Acrylic Plate Stands are perfect for displaying your painted porcelain. These acrylic stands are chosen for their steadiness and durability to not tip over and to support your pieces. Being of a sturdy, clear acrylic, what little you see of the stands does NOT detract from your paintings in any way.

We have 4 sizes in these plate stands. Click on the Drop Down Box and see the pricing (which is plus the base amount of $2.50). Choose which ones you need and the quantity. They keep valuable items/art pieces SAFE!

D35A: 1 3/4"H; D35: 3" H; D38: 3 1/2" H; D39: 4 5/8" H