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BKPJK1 Porcelain Painting - Tradition & Imagination by Petra and Jorg Kugelmeier

BKPJK1 Porcelain Painting - Tradition & Imagination by Petra and Jorg Kugelmeier
Item# BKPJK1

Product Description

Porcelain Painting - TRADITION & IMAGINATION by Petra and Jorg Kugelmeier

SECOND PRINTING: The demand for this instructional, Porcelain Painting Book, has been so great that the Publisher has reprinted it. If you didn't get it the first time, now you can!!

Porcelain Painting is an ancient art which is mastered by constant and diligent practice - those of you who have painted for awhile certainly know this. The Kugelmeier Husband and Wife team have written a book for all levels of painters to encourage your creative senses and to challenge you to keep practicing!

Instructions in the front of the book will help all novices feel more comfortable with preparing to paint. Of course their style of painting is what we in the US call "The European Style" using fat oil, turpentine, and clove oil to mix the paints. Their instructions are based upon their painting methods and techniques.

The rest of the Book is filled with color paintings, studies, photos of brush strokes, photos of leaf stroke paintings, etc. It includes many 1-4+ firings to show you the progress of painting light to dark. Subjects include: Scenes, Florals, Birds and combinations with gold work and other decorating techniques.

A "MUST" for all Porcelain Painters and China Painters.

Size: 8 x 8", Hardcover, full color, in English, 95 pages. No returns on this fine Book.