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BKMCF5 Creations on Porcelain Book 5 by Marie Claire Frass

BKMCF5 Creations on Porcelain Book 5 by Marie Claire Frass
Item# BKMCF5

Product Description

Creations on Porcelain, Traditional to Modern by Marie Claire Frass. Written in 4 languages: English, French, Italian and German.

This is Ms. Frass' 5th Book which expands upon her 4th Book with the more modern and flowing designs on any overglaze art such as ceramics, porcelain and GLASS. The difference is that in this Book she is using larger glazed pieces to expand the possibilities for more designs and combinations of techniques. Trays, vases, figurines, boxes and plaques/tiles are shown throughout with her finished art works. Her techniques are expanded and clearly detailed for you to see and easily use as ideas for your own works.

She wants this book to be a source of inspiration in its simplicity of teaching her techniques so you can model your works after her designs, or expand on her ideas and create something totally unique to yourself. Each technique is shown is close-up detail, in full color. The directions do refer back to her previous books in some instances, so it does help to have her Jewelry Books 1-4.

Hardcover, 80 pages, full color. No returns.