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BKMCF4 Porcelain Jewelry Book 4 by Marie Claire Frass

BKMCF4 Porcelain Jewelry Book 4 by Marie Claire Frass
Item# BKMCF4

Product Description

Porcelain Jewelry #4 by Marie-Claire Frass continues with the more modern techniques now available to al overglaze painters.

Her goal with these 4 books on jewelry painting, is to create a veritable encyclopedia on the subject - all with clear, detailed step by step instructions and full size, color illustrations for each technique. These include: Light & Shade, Stippler work, colors on burnished gold, lusters on matt backgrounds, spots, plastic foil, working with a peacock feather and so much more.

This book concentrates on the decoration of jewelry pieces - all life-size in order to fully show you how it is accomplished. She also encourages you to use these techniques in a larger fashion on larger pieces and see the final effects in a larger format. All designs can be either small or large to fit different overglaze pieces.

Soft Cover, full color, 8 1/4" x 11 3/4", in English and 3 other languages, NO RETURNS on our books.