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BKMCF2 Porcelain Jewelry Book 2 by Marie Claire Frass

BKMCF2 Porcelain Jewelry Book 2 by Marie Claire Frass
Item# BKMCF2

Product Description

PORCELAIN JEWELRY, Book 2, by Marie Claire Frass in English

This Book 2 of jewelry designs on overglaze items, such as porcelain, glazed ceramics, etc., continues with her methods and objectives explained in Book 1, but with a new series of techniques: Feathers, Fireworks, making spots, using plastic foil, cracking, blowing technique, I-Relief, Matt White, and more.

Each technique is described in step by step detail, emphasized with a colored, life-size illustration to visually show the successive stages and final results of each technique. Most designs are for jewelry sized pieces, but she does add some larger designs for vases.

Ms. Frass also applies techniques not necessarily reserved for small or jewelry pieces in her new designs, but has adapted them to these shapes.

Soft cover, easy to follow instructions, full color, 8 1/4" x 11 3/4", English, 48 pages, NO RETURNS on books.