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BKMCF1 Porcelain Jewelry #1 by Marie Claire Frass

BKMCF1 Porcelain Jewelry #1 by Marie Claire Frass
Item# BKMCF1

Product Description

Porcelain Jewelry #1 by Marie Claire Frass in 4 languages including ENGLISH.

The aims of her beautiful, full color book are to provide a source of inspiration for the overglaze painter who desires to go all out in jewelry decoration. it offers advice for conception of the design, presents samples in close detail; provides ideas for new combinations of designs and techniques; and explains clearly how to do these techniques.

In this practical book, all of the pieces of jewelry are reproduced life-size to help the painter visually understand the beginning to end results of her instructions and designs.

Book #1 is the basic instructions book for Malachite faux painting, Luster work, Gold work, Marble effects, B & W designs, Pen & Ink, making spots, Dipping, color combinations and so much more.

Softcover Book, 48 pages, full color. NO RETURNS on books.