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BKBB1 ROSES by Barbara Bougher

BKBB1 ROSES by Barbara Bougher
Item# BKBB1

Product Description

ROSES by Barbara Bougher - for all levels of porcelain painters.

Full color, soft cover Roses Book is a must for Beginners to Teachers who need some really good tips on painting a ROSE you can be proud of. A book you will use and use to paint and to teach Roses.

Barbara uses her seminar style of teaching roses so you can learn how to paint any kind of rose: Tea Rose, Floribunda, English, Old Fashioned and others. She shows you each step and includes open roses, the back side of roses, rose buds and so much more.

This has been needed for so long - a book that takes you step by step, and shows with line drawings and simple color paintings HOW to paint a Rose. This "basic" rose shape will then let you be creative in the direction, size, and type of rose you want to finish with. This book should be in every library and home studio.

Size: 11.25" long x 8.5" wide; 27 pages; soft cover; Color. No return on books.