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Reasons to shop from us

A message from Kathy
Hello Painters everywhere!
THANK YOU for your continuing interest in THE GOOD STUFF and our quality JOSEPHINE porcelain & glass painting products. It has been a real pleasure to get to know you and have you become my Friends. The Good Stuff would not be at this point in my life without all of you. This was a BIG decision, but it is time for me to retire and turn the business over to Dolores and Josť whose energy and passion for this ART will keep The Good Stuff going into the future. Dolores has painted for over 25 years and has taught porcelain painting for over 18 years. Dolores does beautiful work, and she will be able to help you with questions and techniques - just like I've done in the past. There should only be a short delay in filling orders as we move the Inventory. We ask for your patience and understanding in this endeavor and will get your Orders our as quickly as possible. The last date for orders sent from WA State is January 21, 2:00 PM Pacific time and orders will restart sending from approx. February 5th. You should not see any other changes or delays. ORDER as you normally do. I will continue my passion with this ART as I love to paint on porcelain. I hope to see you again. Keep on painting my friends! My best regards, Kathy Peterson

A note from Dolores and Josť
Hello everyone!

It is a GREAT pleasure to contact you all! Kathy has trusted in us to continue with The Good Stuff for sharing with us our focus on giving our customers the best possible service, highest quality products and personal and dedicated guidance. I am a mother, a housewife and a porcelain painting teacher. I have been happily married to Jose Ayerza for 28 years now and have 5 great children that are now helping me with this great new adventure I have once dared to dream. I have been a porcelain painting teacher for over 18 years always offering my students different products to use in class until one day in 2012 I started DBA Originals, an e-shop for the porcelain painting artist in Argentina. We have been selling Josephine products since then and now we are so glad to continue with The Good Stuff .

Until you are notified of our new Florida phone number, please continue to contact The Good Stuff with the same number and email: PH: 360 755-3152 Or you can also reach us at:

Kathy and her Staff will take your phone number and someone on my Staff will call you back as quickly as possible.

I welcome you to this new road for The Good Stuff and DBA Originals. I will be happy to assist you in whatever you might need.

Kind regards, Dolores Basavilbaso