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LR1 Luster for Glass and Porcelain - Transparent Washes of Color
Luster colors for Porcelain Painting and GLASS Painting. Lusters are thin, washes of color which when fired, will give you a beautiful, transparent color. Lusters sit on the top of the glaze, so are more delicate when handled; do not put in the dish washer. Use OH1 Essence to thin when necessary. ALL Lusters have some sort of "shelf life" so keep in cool location with the lid tight to assist in longer use.

The NEW German "IRIS" is a beautiful type of Mother of Pearl which is very bright and exceptionally colorful. It comes in a 1/2 oz size bottle. (SEE PICTURE ABOVE). Glass Lusters are the German IRIS, Blue, Carmine Red (beautiful and bright Christmas Red), Blue (a bright medium - dark blue), Forest Christmas Green, and Yellow colors.

Thin coats are best. Fire inbetween coats. Porcelain Fire - Cone .017 - .018. Glass Fire - Cone .022. Use separate brushes for each color, OR, you can clean the brush out VERY thoroughly with Acetone Cleaner or the acetone free nail polish remover. Some teach to use 3 different bottles of Acetone, with #1 being the "dirty" first cleaning; #2 - medium cleaning, and #3 bottle the final cleaning. This does work pretty good. Blot out all cleaner before putting into the Luster bottle.

Manufacturers advise NOT to shake or stir lusters, but to let any contaminants settle to the bottom and use right off the top of the liquid. Remember a little goes a long ways so only fill the very end of your brush and let it flow onto the porcelain or glass. THIN coat applications.

Please note that the pricing is + the amount shown by each color added to the Base Price, and the correct total will be added to your Order. Porcelain Luster will say "Porcelain" and Glass Lusters will say "Glass" by the name.

No returns on Lusters.
MAZ79 GEOMETRIC, Jewelry Shape by Beatrice Mazerolle
GEOMETRIC, a Jewelry Shape by Beatrice Mazerolle, an ART Piece. Photo Art by Peter Faust (design protected). Thank you Peter for letting me show everyone the exciting design you have created on this piece. It's beautiful!

GEOMETRIC; can bring out the "wild side" you have deep down, so Buyer beware! You may just create something so wonderful, you can't take it off. I'm sure the compliments will flow and so will the Orders for one of their own. It is so lightweight and smooth, I think it's perfect even white!

BUT - think of color - your favorite of course! Think of design shapes, curves, negative space, and all of the other ART creations you have wanted to do. NOW IS THE TIME! Have a ball....

Ms. Mazerolle creates her own unique line of jewelry shapes in a true ART form, made with the famous Limoges Porcelain clay and glaze. Living in Paris France, Ms. Mazerolle has her line of exquisite jewelry shapes in many galleries and museums. I am so very proud that she has let me carry her fine art pieces in jewelry forms here in the US.

Each Jewelry Piece is carefully hand crafted, smoothed and glazed to perfection. The Limoges clay and glaze gives each piece the finest of qualities: extremely thin, extra white and translucent, and has Ms. Mazerolle's Logo fired on the back: Bijoux de Passy. So elegant; so exciting to design and paint! Please read more about Ms. Mazerolle's Jewelry Shapes in the article link on our Web Page by the Norwegian Magazine: Decor-Magasinet.

SIZE: 3" L x 3" W with pre-drilled hole for chain, ribbon, cord, wire-wrapped or other. NO discounts. See Peter Faust's Web Page by copying this address to your browser: www.faustharun.ch SOLD IN WHITE ONLY.

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MOTHER'S DAY IDEAS: Jewelry by Beatrice Mazerolle; Limoges Boxes; Art pieces in our Gallery - anything that special Woman in your life wouldn't buy herself!!

** SABLE HAIR Brushes from Germany for ALL art media - sharp lines, corners; excellent blending and painting qualities;; SABLE "SYNTHETIC" brushes also available for paints harder on brushes. **Quality paints, oils, and full supplies for the Overglaze Artist: including glazed ceramics, porcelain and GLASS items. **Questions welcomed - anytime **Excellent Customer Service - we are here for you.

THE GOOD STUFF is an Art Gallery & Art Supply Store for all GLASS, PORCELAIN, AND OVERGLAZE ARTISTS including Ceramists. We carry unique items intended to provide you with numerous creative results in your artwork. Many Items can be applied to both GLASS and OVERGLAZE ceramics, porcelain, etc. We have now opened our on-site ART GALLERY Showroom for hand painted and decorated pieces . Please come see us.

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